You can help veterans and military families heal from the invisible wounds of war.

Your donation will give more veterans and military families access to this effective form of therapy.

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"I know I need help, this was one of the steps I am taking in order to get better. More of this is needed. I have to get better or I will lose my fight."

"I've tried killing myself three times. This therapy has given me a new way to see myself, and I feel better."

A paintbrush isn't the first thing veterans think to pick up when they lay down their weapons. But for some veterans, it might be the most effective new weapon they can use to reintegrate back into civilian life. Art therapy can help when words fail, and veterans have demonstrated that they prefer art therapy more than almost any other approach for those affected by the trauma they experienced during their service.

Ars Bellum's art therapy programs are led by qualified art therapists using evidence-based methods to help our veterans reprocess traumatic experiences, build resiliency, and renew their sense of identity and purpose. Your support is critical to our mission of providing this effective therapy free of charge to veterans and their families.

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